Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning in Manukau and Auckland

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services you can depend on, you should contact us at NZ Cleaning Services. We offer tailored and flexible cleaning contracts, plus you can call us if you have a one-off cleaning project.

We also deliver consistent levels of quality and complete reliability. Contact us today for more information.

Reasons to Choose Us for Commercial Cleaning Services Auckland

  • Well-trained and highly skilled team
  • All staff comprehensively vetted
  • Our staff are dedicated, and we have low staff turnover rates
  • We have proven management oversight and quality control processes
  • Reliability is central to our service, so we won’t let you down
  • Our teams use well-maintained, high-quality, and modern equipment
  • We use high-quality materials that are safe for the environment
  • Our customer service is excellent
  • You’ll get a competitive price

Experience and Expertise

Our team has experience of a wide range of commercial cleaning projects:

  • Schools and other educational buildings
  • Commercial buildings including offices
  • Day care centres and homes
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Government buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Specialist stain removal

Our customers choose us because of the quality and reliability of our service. As a result, we have a reputation in the industry that we are proud of.

Presenting the Best Possible Image

Hiring the right cleaners is important for the image of your business. This applies to your customers, suppliers, and visitors as well as your members of staff. In terms of the latter, a clean and tidy work environment will ensure your employees are happier and will help improve productivity levels.

If you have any experience hiring cleaning services, however, you will know it’s not easy to find a company you can depend on.

At New Zealand Cleaning Services, we understand this. We also understand that cleaning is something you just want to happen. You don’t want to have to worry about the people cleaning your business or whether the quality is up to the standard you expect.

In other words, the best commercial cleaning services in Auckland are those that you barely notice or think about. If you don’t have to worry about us or the cleanliness of your business, we are doing our job right.

We achieve this level of service because of the training and procedures we have in place. Our training ensures everyone on our team has the skills they need, while our procedures ensure everyone works to the same standards.Those procedures include management-led quality control, plus we have a well-tested vetting system when hiring new cleaners. You can trust the people we send to your business.

To get a quote for commercial cleaning in Auckland, please contact us on 0800 692 533.